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The Fiture Mini Fitness Mirror Is a Space-Saving Answer for Interactive Training

The all-new devices shrinks its silhouette while still delivering an engaging, evolving experience... at a more approachable price point.

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When Fiture launched its Core Interactive Fitness Mirror this past April, at-home workout enthusiasts were given a new, advanced way to track their reps and form through a device that looked as good as it performed. The sleek, stylish home gym delivered industry-first technologies and offered an approachable, month-to-month membership package, catering to diehard athletes and occasional trainers alike.

Now, the disruptive brand is creating a new way for athletes to accentuate their living space with the all-new Fiture Mini. This latest interactive fitness mirror shrinks the dimensions for a piece of equipment that easily, well, fits in any setting, yet still offers plenty of engaging modalities and tech for the whole family to get moving. Plus, the Fiture Mini also showcases a shrunken price point, which can be enticing for those that have wanted a fitness mirror, but didn't want to invest in the costly fitness equipment.

The Fiture Mini sheds inches without sacrificing performance

According to the brand, the Fiture Mini measures 63 inches tall and 20 inches wide, with 32 inches of available screen. This is five inches shorter and three inches slimmer than its predecessor, the Fiture Core. The smaller footprint can allow athletes tighter on space to reap the benefits of this interactive training tool without giving up a sizable portion of their wall.

Despite the slimmer dimensions, the Fiture Mini still packs in a plethora of advanced technology to sustain your workouts. You're still able to design your own experience and choose from thousands of on-demand classes through Fiture's companion membership service. The Mini also maintains Fiture's Motion Engine technology for personalized, real-time feedback as well as pacing, reps, sets and more tracking features.

workout mirror
The new Fiture Mini stands five inches shorter and three inches slimmer than its predecessor, the Fiture Core.

The Fiture Mini can turn family time into workout time

The library of classes and programs is constantly evolving on the Fiture app, with new releases added weekly. Additionally, you're able to house up to seven profiles on one Fiture membership, so the whole family can utilize the muscle-pumping perks (even your active children).

"At Fiture, we not only have heart-bumping, challenging workouts, but also a wide array of lighter, fun workouts like dance cardio and boxing, and even interactive games for kids," says Fiture CEO Maggie Lu. "We want to get children engaged in fitness from a young age, so they can build healthy habits for life."

The Fiture Mini makes interactive fitness more affordable

Thanks to the smaller dimensions, the Fiture Mini is one of the most affordable fitness mirrors on the market, coming in at $950 — $545 less than the larger Core. Available in one colorway — Night — the Fiture Mini is available for purchase starting today. You also need to sign up for the monthly $39 membership subscription, which can be cancelled anytime for added flexibility in your training.

If you're an Amazon enthusiast, Fiture also announced that both the Mini and Core will be available on the platform beginning in early October. While no date has been set, we expect these interactive fitness mirrors to be added to plenty of carts when that shop opens its doors. For now, though, you can still purchase these stylish, performance-laden home gyms from Fiture's own site and up your at-home training with sleek, engaging workouts.

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