This New Smart Fitness Machine Will Change How You Lift Weights

Time to clear space — you’re going to want one of these for your home.


Anyone can hop on an elliptical or treadmill and workout, but when it comes to lifting weights and knowing what exercises to do and how much weight to lift, it can be a daunting task. Tonal, a new smart weight lifting device, is here to change that perception. Tonal is about the size of a full-length mirror and is installed on your wall. It comes complete with movable arms that click in and out of place along the sides. There are no storage issues, as it’s mounted to your wall and doesn’t require a full set of different weights. The electromagnetic engine allows you to push and pull up to 100 pounds on either side and is infinitely adjustable within that range. The arms on each side are height adjustable, so you can lower all the way down for leg exercises and then push back up for anything overhead.

Once installed, the machine will run you through a strength assessment and depending on your goals, will assign you to a program. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, build muscle, boost energy, improve your performance or maintain your fitness, the programs work with you to adjust to the right amount of weight during each workout. The constant challenge with each workout is similar to what you’re going to get during a session with a personal trainer, but without the hassle of having to head to a class.

Eight trainers designed each workout. It starts with a coach intro, moves into a warm-up and then demos each movement. The videos adjust to you (thanks, smart machine) so after a few sessions, you can skip the demo of each move and just run through the workout itself. There’s a rep counter in the corner, and the machine knows when you lower the cables that it’s time to move on. Right now, there are 200 different exercises to choose from — everything from squats to lunges to an overhead press.

Starting today, you can order a machine online, and for an additional $250, you’ll get a white glove delivery with installation. There are also smart accessories including smart handles, a smart bar, rope, bench mat and roller, which improves your experience. All you need is roughly seven feet of wall space and floor space to move around. The machine itself is 24-inches by 36-inches, equivalent to a television or large desktop monitor.

Buy Now: $2,995

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