This New Company From Lebron James Creates Customizable Nutrition Packs

Fuel your workouts with proper nutrition that’s customizable and sent right to your door.


Lebron James is quite possibly one of the greatest athletes of our generation. He recently went on Tim Ferris’ podcast, alongside his trainer Mike Mancias, where they spoke at length about recovery and how that plays a key part in his domination in the sport of basketball. As part of his dedication to recovery, James focuses on eating the right foods immediately after a game and workout — he emphasizes how important that is for all aspiring athletes and fitness lovers. James teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cindy Crawford and Lindsey Vonn to start Ladder, a new company with a heavy focus on nutrition and fueling for performance.

When you first visit the Ladder website, you can take a quiz about your activity levels, health goals and your daily diet. Alternatively, you can pick your protein (plant or whey; chocolate or vanilla) as well as how many greens and energy packs you want each month. All of the products are NSF Certified for Sport, which is one of the few regulatory associations in the supplement world. Each packet (energy, greens, protein) ranges from $30 to $72 a month, depending on how many servings you’d like. While we haven’t tested the products, getting certified by the NSF is a big step.

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