Here’s All You Need to Get Your Best Body Ever This Fall

It takes determination and discipline.


Building a physique that not only looks great but also is functionally strong — allowing you to get the most out of life-changing activities like runninghiking, mountain biking and motorcycling — takes determination and discipline. But even going all in with those traits can only get you so far without the physical tools that help you sweat your best. Find all the necessary equipment, from workout shoes to kettlebells to gym bags, below. Then forget scrambling to be beach-ready next spring: gear up and get started today.

The 11 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

Whether you hit the CrossFit Box or lift weights at the gym, there's a sneaker in here for you.

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The Best Gym Shorts According to 5 Personal Trainers

These five pairs of shorts deserve a spot in your gym wardrobe, whether you lift weights, do yoga, run, HIIT or box.

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The 5 Best Kettlebells to Buy and the 5 Best Moves to Do with Them

If you're looking for one functional tool that'll work with every move you do, pick up a kettlebell today.

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The 7 Best Workout Gloves, According to Personal Trainers

These expert-recommended options will help you max out at the gym.

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The Best Gym Bags to Buy Now

Gym bags aren't all created equal. Find the one that meets your needs (and reflects your style) in our comprehensive list.

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8 Lightweight Gym Bag Grooming Essentials

From Living Proof, Harry's, Marlowe and more.

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