Honda’s New Africa Twin Marks a New Generation Of a Legendary Motorcycle

Honda’s Africa Twin is back and better than ever for the 2020 model year, offering more power, more capability and new convenience features.

At long last, Honda has heard the cries of the adventure bike crowd — and the brand has answered them brilliantly. The heavily anticipated new 2020 Honda Africa Twin has finally emerged from the proverbial sands of the Sahara. This new and improved version of the legendary dual-sport is bigger, stronger, and lighter.

Whispers of a bigger, more powerful 1084-cc parallel-twin have been confirmed. The larger, more powerful motor has gone through a massive series of technical upgrades, like redesigned cylinder heads, aluminum cylinder sleeves and new ECU settings. Honda has also given the newly-designed muffler of the Africa Twin an exhaust control valve, helping to result in a motor capable of making 107 horsepower.

Some of us might have been concerned about a bigger, more powerful motor making the bike heavier. Honda, however, has managed to defy expectations; as a result of the brand’s hard work, the base-model Twin weighs in at just under 500 pounds.

In a continued effort to make the new bikes more maneuverable, Honda has included adjustable ride height capabilities on the new Africa Twin models. The previous model’s seat height sat at 34.3 inches; the new model, however, can be set as low as 33.4 inches and as high as 35.2 inches.

The new Africa Twins will have a total of six different riding modes. There will be four modes programmed from the factory: Tour, Urban, Gravel and Off-Road. There will also be two modes for each rider to customize settings specific to their needs, much as BMW does with the M5.

Honda has not left those who would want to take the Africa Twin on longer rides in the dust. This new model comes with comfort features such as cruise control, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The “dual sport” designation has truly been considered here.

Honda has yet to release a full list of options, but they have released the price tag for us here in the United States: The new Africa Twin models will start at $14,399.

Whether touring along scenic by-ways or gearing up for a desert crossing, these new Africa Twins appear to have all our motoring needs covered. We can’t wait to ride them.

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