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Machine-Free Home Gym Essentials

Building up your own home gym is easier than it sounds and can even produce great workouts.


Where home gyms of the past required you to dedicate the entire basement to a treadmill, weights and racks — or get a cumbersome all-in-one machine that was actually pretty limiting — the options available today are either compact enough or only temporary fixtures that allow for a wide range of workouts. So you can finally put that coat rack BowFlex in the corner out to pasture, because these are the tools to build the perfect home gym.


Climachill Cosmic Boost Shoes $120

The lightweight, breathable mesh construction is the next-best thing to working out barefoot.


Rogue Fitness Bar 2.0 $255

The 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel brings Olympic-grade workouts into your home gym.


Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym $28

The best use of the negative space in a doorway.


Lululemon The Reversible Mat $68

Because you need a barrier between your sweat and your carpet or hardwood floor.


Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP Bike Trainer $850

Lets you use your own road bike and integrates easily with your smartphone or tablet.


TRX Suspension Trainer and Door Anchor $187

The best way to put the weight you’re trying to shed to work.


Mir Pro Adjustable Kettlebell $150

You get an entire set of kettlebells, with none of the drawbacks of actually owning an entire set of kettlebells.


Freory 3 in 1 Foam Roller $60

Because “rolling” is working out, too, right?


Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set $33

Gives you all the benefits of a full rack of weights, with a fraction of the space.


Pumping Iron $3

For timeless motivation.

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