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These Kettlebell All-Stars Will Get You Fired Up

Packed with power and creativity, the following Instagram accounts will keep you motivated and entertained.

kettlebell inspiration

Like a lot of people, I bought my first set of kettlebells last year after gyms shut down in New York. I didn't really know much about what I could do with the funny-shaped weights, but I had some vague notion that they were a bit more dynamic than a pair of dumbbells. Turns out I didn't know the half of it.

After stumbling across Instagram accounts run by people who train with kettlebells, I was blown away by all the creative ways people have managed to use these weights. But more than just providing examples of what good form looks like, their posts (many made under the absolute silliest names) add a kind of variety and exploration to my workouts that is otherwise hard to come by.

Whether you have a dusty set in your garage or just bought a pair of the best kettlebells online, these accounts will go a long way to giving you the inspiration and instruction you need to get the most out of your gear.

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If you're going to follow one account, it's gotta be this one. This is where I've gotten most of the workouts I've done in my little studio over the past few months. Ashley comes up with easy to follow but challenging workouts that you can do at whatever weight works for you.



It's one thing to be able to lift heavy. It's another thing to have your form so dialed that the weight looks light. That's what Bill Esch does, and that's why he's worth a follow.


Where to Buy Kettlebells
Rogue Fitness

Interested in kettlebells but don't have any? Here are some places you can look.

Rogue | Golden's Cast Iron | Amazon | Kettlebell Kings | LEARN MORE


A solid follow for paired-down but brutal kettlebell workouts and bouts of home-gym envy.



Did you know that they make 200-pound kettlebells? I didn't. Then I watched this man fling them around. Not really practical for where I'm at (or probably ever will be), but it's cool to know that there are people on this planet capable of doing this.



The Instagram account of one of the big producers of kettlebells, Kettlebell Kings, is an essential follow not just because they share creative workouts; they also highlight other great creators and athletes, like @stormiknight_ here.


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