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Running in the Time of Coronavirus? This New Face Mask Is for You

With face masks here to stay, companies have begun producing performance-oriented options, and this one looks sharp.

With all the uncertainties that the coronavirus pandemic has created globally, one thing is clear: face masks help prevent the spread of this disease. Once that became evident, brands of all kinds worked quickly to ensure that we have options beyond those papery blue ones. Yes, the face mask is becoming the t-shirt of 2020, so it was inevitable that technical versions made for exercising would crop up. The latest is from Asics, which just announced a new one for runners that looks promising indeed.

The Asics Runners Face Cover aims to remedy all the annoying aspects that running with a mask entails. It's made of a fast-drying, water-repellent fabric that cools the air as it passes through its fibers; its construction includes vents below the jaw to increase airflow without spreading disease-carrying droplets; it offers more interior space to prevent claustrophobia; its fastening system includes multiple adjustment points for a comfortable fit.

Other sports brands like Adidas and Under Armour have released their versions of active face masks, but Asics' is the most thoughtful take on what a performance-oriented cover might look like yet. The pandemic sparked a surge in running, and making it and other forms of public exercise both comfortable and safe will ensure that we all can keep pounding the pavement until this is all over.

The Asics Runners Face Cover is set for release in September.


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