Roll Away Back Pain With the Chirp Wheel+

The Chirp Wheel+ is like having a chiropractor you can take with you just about anywhere.

man using chirp

Blame it on work stress, bad sleep or just plain old slouching, it's hard to avoid feeling back tightness and pain. Even though it's so common (and can impact your well being so dramatically), it can be hard to justify spending time visiting (and forking over cash to) a chiropractor or physical therapist when you're simply looking for quick fix for that stubborn knot in your lower back or near your shoulders. This is where Chirp's Wheel+ comes in. Coming in four separate pressure levels — Gentle, Firm, Focus or Deep Tissue — simply stick the wheel between your shoulder blades and... well, roll. The contoured spinal canal allows you to target back and neck muscles on either side of the spine as you rock back and forth. While the convenience and portability of the new four Wheel+ options and travel case are a great reason to invest in Chirp's back benefits, the company's made it even easier — get the new Chirp Wheel+ 4-Pack for $99.99 (a $95 Savings) during Chirp's Holiday Sale.


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