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The New TheraFace Pro Is a Whole New Way to Take Care of Your Face

Treat your skin with this all-in-one game-changing device.

therabody theraface pro
Ben Emminger

As one of the biggest names in the recovery game, Therabody has produced plenty of quality products that can easily — and effectively — fit our lifestyles and routines. But what’s one area that many people — looking at you, guys — fail to address?

That’s right: our faces.

In an effort to begin, as Therabody founder Jason Wersland, D.C. puts it, “Thinking about the shoulders, up,” Therabody has launched the TheraFace Pro, the ultimate device for facial health. Merging science-backed treatments and innovative technology, the TheraFace Pro brings together five modalities to help lift, tone, rejuvenate and clean your skin:

  • Percussive therapy optimized for the face
  • Red, blue and red + infrared LED treatments
  • Microcurrent treatment
  • Cleansing treatment
  • Cryothermal hot and cold treatments (sold separately)

    All of these potential modalities combine in an effort to give you a truly personalized routine in the palm of your hand. Over the course of a week, we added the TheraFace Pro to our daily skin care regimens to see how revolutionary this new product was. We alternated between the different attachments to find which benefited our skin most, and then stuck with those for the remainder of the week.

    The TheraFace Pro creates a brand-new category

    After hearing inquiries from users asking if Therabody’s Theragun Mini was able to be used on the face, Wersland and team began exploring how they could create a device that not only optimizes percussive therapy for this area, but also adds to the overall health and well-being of our skin.

    “Our face has layers. It’s got the outside layer, the skin that you see. It’s got the superficial layer, which is the subcutaneous layer that has the lymphatics, blood flow, nerves and all those things. They’re sitting just beneath the skin. And then, you have the muscles and the tissue beneath that layer,” Wersland says. “All of the products we designed were built to either work on one of those layers or a couple of the layers at the same time.”

    The idea surrounding facial health, according to Therabody, is not solely about beauty or aesthetics, but rather, “taking care of your skin.” As a result, this inclusive approach breaks down the wall for users, giving them the opportunity to experience multiple professional treatments at home. From reducing tension in the jaw muscles, to deep cleansing capabilities, revitalizing light treatments and more, you’re able to curate a well-rounded routine fit for your specific needs.

    Modality 1: Percussive therapy for the face

    therabody theraface pro

    The TheraFace Pro offers three attachments for a mix of treatments optimized specifically for the face and skin:

    • Flat for general use across the entire face, neck and chest
    • Micro-point for maximizing circulation across larger swatches like the forehead, cheeks and chest
    • Cone for precise treatment in pressure points and around the eyes and nasolabial lines

      The 3mm amplitude and three available speeds (1750, 2100 and 2400 pulses per minute) help you reduce the tensions in your facial muscles while also creating a relaxing feel across your skin. To get even more out of the TheraFace Pro, you can combine the benefits of percussive therapy with the red and red + infrared treatments for a targeted skin routine that works double time to rejuvenate and relieve. We found that pairing the percussive therapy with red + infrared LED treatment after our normal skincare routines greatly maximized the absorption of our favorite products, too.

      We note, however, that it is not recommended to combine percussive therapy with the blue LED treatment, as this can potentially spread the acne-causing bacteria and lead to more blemishes.

      Modality 2: percussion-driven cleansing

      therabody theraface pro
      therabody theraface pro cleansing attachment

      We know that cleaning our skin takes some effort, but how deep are we truly getting with just our normal scrubs? The TheraFace Pro cleansing ring throws the added benefits of percussive therapy into the process — and the results are, well, vibrant.

      Percussive therapy can help relax the tissue of the skin, allowing for an easier release of dirt, oil and debris. The three available speeds are powerful enough for an exfoliating feel, but gentle enough to not give an aggressive scrubbing.

      In testing, we found the percussive qualities to be welcoming, enhancing our normal cleansing routines. The percussion wasn’t overpowering, and produced a “glow” that wasn’t as easily achieved in previous washes. When paired with a daily cleanser, the results speak volumes — but combining the cleansing ring with other exfoliants may be too much for some users.

      A quick note: the cleansing ring is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Therabody recommends removing the cleansing ring before washing off any excess debris or cleanser.

      Modality 3: LED light therapy

      therabody theraface pro
      therabody theraface pro led ring

      Light-emitting diode, or LED, treatments have become popular over the past few years due to their non-invasive treatment and rejuvenating results. The TheraFace Pro packs three LED treatments in one for a multitude of uses:

      • Red light to help reduce periorbital wrinkles (the wrinkles around your eyes)
      • Blue light to help reduce mild to moderate acne
      • Red + Infrared light to help reduce periorbital wrinkles as well as provide a warming sensation for muscle relaxation

        Using the LED treatments was easy thanks to the included proximity sensor system. The TheraFace Pro automatically detects when the ring is close enough to your face – 0.5 inches – for maximum brightness, which helped reduce glare when maneuvering around and toggling through options. The flat percussive attachment can also sit on the device during LED modalities, which definitely served as a helpful guide for how close to get to the skin for optimal treatment.

        Modality 4: microcurrent treatment

        Our favorite attachment

        therabody theraface pro
        therabody theraface pro microcurrent attachment

        One of the more professional modalities offered in the TheraFace Pro is the microcurrent therapy. This low-level electrical voltage works at the cellular level to stimulate the muscles, and the tightened, toned results can be seen rather quickly.

        To safely and effectively utilize the microcurrent treatment, a conductive gel (included) needs to be placed on the skin prior to use. Once you’ve placed a thin layer across the face, you can move the microcurrent head across the skin. According to Therabody, you want to move the device in a direction that tightens, tones and lifts the skin. For example, if you want to tighten the cheeks, move from the chin upward toward the ear. The microcurrent modality is recommended once every 24 hours.

        We found the microcurrent modality to be one of our favorites, as the results were immediately noticeable and provided a great boost, especially in the morning. Additionally, we noticed that it’s important to ensure proper coverage with the conductive gel prior to use. After all, this is an electrical current on your skin. This treatment can be uncomfortable if not paired with the conductive gel, so err on the side of caution.

        Also, be mindful around the eyebrows and – especially for guys – facial hair. The protruding follicles can serve as miniature lightning rods, which can be an unwelcome sensation when getting your day started.

        Modality 5: Cryothermal therapy for the face

        therabody theraface pro hot cryothermal attachment
        therabody theraface pro cold cryothermal attachment

        In addition to the included treatments, Therabody also offers a hot and cold cryothermal kit for another layer of facial health. These attachments, sold separately, come in a convenient carrying case designed specifically for temperature control, so the attachments stay as effective as possible no matter the outside conditions.

        The hot cryothermal attachment can provide soothing blood flow and relief at 95-, 102- and 109-degree temperatures. Meanwhile, the cooling ring offers 78-, 71- and 65-degree settings for safe, localized treatments.

        We really enjoyed the hot attachment as a therapeutic pain reliever, especially around the jaw and nose. Wersland also notes that the cold attachment can be a great post-shave treatment for a cooling, enjoyable feel.

        The TheraFace Pro: The Verdict

        therabody theraface pro

        With a variety of treatments, easy-to-use modalities and an ergonomic profile, the TheraFace Pro looks to be a solid fit for our daily skincare routines. The entire kit comes in a convenient carry-all tote, making it very portable while traveling. Also, there is an included 15-second timer that beeps while the device is in use, providing a better sense of how long you’ve been using the modalities. And finally, for those new to their skincare regimen, Therabody has provided a convenient QR code that grants access to helpful guides on protocols and ways to get the most out of the TheraFace Pro.

        The TheraFace Pro is available online for $399, starting today, in either black or white colorways. The separate cryothermal attachments are also available for an additional $99. While this might seem steep to some, remember that you're getting, essentially, four devices in one. At $100 each, that's enough of a deal to have us rethink the way we treat our faces.


        TheraFace Pro

        Therabody therabody.com
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