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The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Your Wife

She deserves something extra special for all her hard work, love and compassion. Find it here.

gift guide for your wife

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Marriage is hard work for all parties involved, full stop. But it's also a bond worth celebrating as much as is reasonable. For many, that means honoring your partner with more than just a bouquet of flowers and/or some chocolate on your once-a-year anniversary. That goes double if your special someone also happens to be a mother, which can often be a full-time job on its own.

If your wife is also a momma — be that to your own biological children, kids you've adopted, foster kids, or even fur babies (or some combination therein) — Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity to show her just how much you value all her hard work, love and compassion. Pick out a special something(s) from this guide of the best gifts for your wife and let your kids handle the painted mugs, macaroni pictures and other arts and crafts.

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Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Set

Silk is one of the softest, most comfortable fabrics in the world and makes for great pajamas. Its biggest problem: it can be difficult to clean. Or it used to be before Lunya developed the wash-friendly silk out of which this sleep set is made. Give her the gift of convenient comfort and score major points in the process.

Mejuri Pavé Diamond Round Necklace

Jewelry can be as safe a bet as gifts get – so long as you're careful about where you buy from. Mejuri specializes in simple, elegant offerings — like this 14k gold and diamond necklace — that are sure to make her heart flutter.

Theragun Mini Percussive Massager

Show her how much you care about her fitness goals and overall wellbeing with this thoughtful, useful percussive massager. Made by one of the most trusted brands around, it's small enough to stash in a purse but powerful enough to work out the biggest knots.

Flikr Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace
Flikr Fire

Cozying up by the fire is a lot simpler if you can bring the fireplace with you wherever you go. That's exactly what you get with the Flikr, which is tiny enough to transport anywhere but can still set a romantic, relaxing, and/or spooky mood. It's also virtually smokeless, super safe and looks great.

Away The Carry-On

Even when looking forward to it, travel can be a drag. But it can be made easier with the right bag. Get her the Away Carry-On and she'll get to experience that firsthand, thanks to its outstanding looks, durability, ease-of-use and more.

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

Perfect for post-bath relaxation and lounging, this beautiful, cozy number is made from 100% Turkish cotton, so it's soft to the touch, absorbent, lightweight and fast-drying. Even if she has a robe, it might be time to upgrade to this one.

Bellroy Venture Sling 9L

More secure and adventure-ready than most purses but less cumbersome than pretty much any backpack, this Bellroy sling bag is as perfect for travel as it is for daily carrying. And if she cares about environmental issues, it also benefits from a 100% recycled construction.

Gravity Weighted Blanket
Gravity Blankets

Like a cocoon of comfort, a weighted blanket can help her release all her daily stresses. And nobody makes them quite as good as Gravity Blankets. If she's big into napping (or at least trying to), this could be a big win of a gift.

Breville Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro

Small enough to stash on your kitchen counter but versatile enough to serve 13 different functions — ranging from frying to baking to dehydrating and everything in-between — this might just become her favorite piece of cooking gear, especially since it takes the guesswork out of the job.

The Bouqs Co. Monthly Flower Subscription
The Bouqs
The Bouqs Co.

Flowers are always a classic, but if you really want to impress, get her a subscription to The Bouqs Co, which will deliver freshly-picked bouquets directly to your home monthly. Of course, if monthly is too often, they also have plenty of a la carte offerings to pick from.

The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii
The Sill

There are actual, definable mental health benefits to keeping plants in your home. But if you're worried about giving her another thing to take care of, don't — this snake plant is super easy to keep alive and requires very little maintenance.

Our Place Home Cook Duo
Our Place
Our Place

If she loves cooking, she'll love it even more with this internet-famous pot-and-pan duo, which looks as great as it performs. And with five available colorways (mix and match!), you can make sure you're getting the one that suits her style and/or home perfectly.

Patchology Sunday Funday Self Care Kit

Believe it or not, having a skincare routine can actually have a positive impact on her overall mental health, as well. And while she probably already has some daily go-to products, this kit is kind of like an at-home spa experience that's just a touch more special and exciting.

Pax 3 Weed Vape

A toke or two can help take the edge off of any situation. But it's much more manageable to do so with something like the Pax 3 weed vape (our pick for the best overall weed vape), which is ultra-compact, has a simple single-button operation and easy USB charging.

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Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Flannel shirts are a cold-weather classic. But this one is special because, along with looking great, it also feels like wearing, well, a blanket. And that makes it extra-special for lounging around the house, campfire or wherever else.

Apple AirPods Max
Now 13% off

The Cupertino brand's latest and greatest on-the-go audio device, Apple's AirPods Max are amongst the best over-ear cans on the market. It doesn't hurt that, along with their exceptional array of tech-focused features (like noise-canceling tech, spacial audio and Siri voice controls), they also look outstanding.

Harry & David Mother's Day Strawberries Kit
Harry & David

Harry & David is a legendary brand when it comes to gift baskets and the like. And while we love their go-to classics, like their pears, we prefer this strawberries and chocolate one for wife gifting, as it's a bit more decadent and potentially romantic.

Urban Stems The Juneau Dried Flowers Bouquet
Urban Stems

Flowers are almost always a safe bet as a Mother's Day gift, but they do have a pretty short shelf life. But you can buck that by getting the lady in your life a bouquet of dried flowers like these from Urban Stems. They'll last far longer and we think they're just as gorgeous as those quick-dying bouquets of fresh flowers.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair
Herman Miller
Herman Miller

It might not be "sexy," per se, but a Herman Miller office chair can be a game-changer for anyone who works from home, your wife included. This one is super-ergonomic, can be customized and has won an array of awards.

East Fork The Mug
East Fork

There are few things quite as important to her mornings as a cup of coffee. But the vessel in which she pours it is also worth consideration. This dishwasher- and microwave-safe mug does its job beautifully and looks absolutely outstanding while doing it.

Spafinder Gift Card

Especially if she's a mom, she probably needs to unwind. Spafinder, — which is accepted at thousands of spas, salons, boutiques and more — is one of the best ways to give her that relaxation as a gift while still allowing her the agency to pick her own experience.

Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn Scented Candle
Boy Smells

Made in collaboration with country music sweetheart Kacey Musgraves, this Boy Smells coconut and beeswax candle takes aromatherapy to the next level with a long-lasting combination of coconut and beeswax that smells of incense, black pepper, cedarwood, vanilla, raspberry and more.

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Sandal

Uggs have made somewhat of a triumphant comeback in this comfort-first post-pandemic era. And while their classic boots are fine, we think she'd like something a little zanier, perhaps, like these fluffy slide sandals — which have vaulted to the top of the brand's bestseller list for numerous reasons.

Freida & Joe Aromatherapy Inner Calm 6-Piece Bath Bomb Set
Freida & Joe

Everyone knows that baths are an excellent way to unwind. But if you really want to treat that special lady in your life, you can kick hers up a notch with these aromatic, soothing bath bombs. And since there's six, that means she has six chances to kick back and really relax.

Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Whether she has trouble dozing thanks to city lights or bright country mornings, you can help her manage her dozing with this washable silk sleep mask. It's comfortable to wear all night and won't put undue pressure on her peepers.

Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin

Mental and physical health are inextricably intertwined. If you want to show her you care about her inside and out, try a subscription to Ritual, which takes the guesswork out of multivitamins and puts the essentials into a handy, convenient monthly delivery.

Bright Cellars Wine Subscription
Bright Cellars

If she likes to unwind after a long day with a glass of wine, Bright Cellars might be right up her alley. With customization courtesy of a simple multiple choice quiz, this service sees new, specially curated wines delivered to your doorstep every month.

Duer Performance Denim Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit, especially a cute one, is a great addition to any woman's wardrobe. But this one is extra special because, while it looks like regular denim, it is actually made from a cotton, polyester and lycra spandex blend that gives it a little extra stretch for unbeatable comfort. Better still: it's totally washing machine-safe.

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