Welcome to the Breakfast Issue

This is the best meal of the day, served straight.

Eric Yang

The meal takes 11 minutes, start to finish. That’s from opening the fridge door to drying the pan. And nearly every weekday morning, for the past five years, that’s my breakfast: two eggs, Monterey jack, pastrami turkey, whole wheat tortilla. A breakfast burrito, composed and consumed in eleven minutes.

Breakfast can be routine, tradition, sustenance, essential. It can be quick and healthy, it can be rich and indulgent. It varies from noodles immersed in broth (Vietnam) to porchetta drowned in olive oil and egg yolk (NoHo). But throughout its many variations, there’s one common denominator: it is well loved.

And so, with admiration, our focus turns to the most beloved meal of the day: from the people who pasteurize the milk and grow the vegetables to the chefs and home cooks who compose the dishes. Welcome to the best of the morning, served straight.

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