What You Need to Know About Cast-Iron Cookware

We love cast iron. You love cast iron.


Sure, cast iron looks cool. And it lasts a long time. But the reason cooks love it is because it cooks like nothing else will. The material radiates more effectively than standard aluminum or steel, meaning it cooks through food — like an oven. Cast iron can also reach upwards of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. (You like crust on your steak, right?) Here’s where to start your search for that perfect pot or pan.

How to Refurbish a Vintage Cast-Iron Skillet

A little rust never hurt nobody. Here’s how to give your retired skillet new life.

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A Cast-Iron Skillet, Made Like They Used To

For more than a decade, Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware in Charleston has sought to bring back that quality of craftsmanship in modern cast iron.

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5 Cast-Iron Shapes and Sizes Worth the Investment

No kitchen is complete without at least one cast iron pot or pan in the collection. From the skillet to the dutch oven, these are the ones you want.

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Why You Should ‘Fast Flip’ for the Best Steak of Your Life

So you already have a pan — now learn how to use it.

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