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This $6 Spatula Is Pure, Chef-Approved Kitchen Magic

Jason Fox of San Francisco's Proper Hotel is a Vitamix enthusiast. Plus, three more products he can't live without.

chef and spatula

Jason Fox, chef and owner of the now-defunct Michelin-starred Commonwealth restaurant, has been leading the kitchen at the Proper Hotel, where he's in charge of the San Francisco hotel's rooftop bar Charmaine and restaurant Villon. The move to the Proper granted Fox the chance to expand the breadth of his cooking from casual to fine dining. While California grapples with a surge of COVID-19 cases, Proper Hotel and its restaurants are still operational. Make a reservation, mask up and hit up one of Fox's restaurants. From a perforated spoon to his Holy Grail item, these are the tools Fox might be using to cook up your meal.

Ateco Offset Spatula

"This is probably my favorite, and most versatile, inexpensive hand tool that I use. From searing scallops, mushrooms and almost any other food, to spreading out purees or delicately plating ingredients, I can do it all with this spatula."

Buy Now: $6

Gary Kunz Perforated Spoon

"These spoons, and variations of them, have become a mainstay in professional kitchens over the last 10 years. Any cook in a fine dining restaurant will have one. I really like plating with the perforated one. We marinate different vegetables in flavored oils, and these are perfect for plating and pulling up the vegetables with just the right amount of oil left over."

Buy Now (Amazon): $15 | Buy Now (JB Prince): $15

Charcoal Konro Grill

"I have been obsessed with Japanese cooking methods over the last few years. These grills are essential for yakitori, and use binchotan charcoal for heat. The charcoal burns very hot, and not too smoky, so it is perfect to get your charring just right, without adding an overwhelming smoky flavor. The grill is made of ceramic, and it's the perfect vessel to control your heat zones. Plus, it;s designed to hold numerous skewers at once — great for the restaurant, or backyard grilling."

Buy Now: $300

Vitamix Vita Prep Blender

"I think the Vita Prep is one the greatest advancements of modern cooking in the last 20 years. If I had to choose between circulators and vacuum sealers, or any other modern kitchen tool, this would be the one. We have one running almost non-stop in our kitchen. It has a fast-enough motor to make bright green purees and soups, or can be used to speed up prep of sauces we want broken down, but not completely homogenous. It's also great for making cocktails at home."

Buy Now: $450

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