Where World-Renowned Chefs Buy Their Mushrooms

If they’re good enough for Thomas Keller, they’re good enough for you.


Most often, ingredients used in restaurant kitchens are inaccessible to the home cook, acquired only through close ties with greenmarket purveyors, importers or specialty food providers. So when the opportunity to use products found in the kitchens of establishments like the French Laundry, Atelier Crenn and Tartine Manufactory arises, it’s best to take advantage. Since 1981, Wineforest Wild Foods has been foraging wild mushrooms in the woods of Napa and supplying its findings to world-renowned restaurants. Fielding a team of trained pickers, the Wineforest team selects only the best mushrooms available in order to guarantee unparalleled quality in both world-renowned commercial kitchens and home cooking setups.

While most of Wineforest’s restaurant offerings are fresh, its retail wares are dehydrated, which, in some ways, is preferable. With dried mushrooms, flavors condense and grow more potent. Rehydrated, they add a savory depth to soups, sauces and dressings.

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