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Searching for a Better Chef's Knife? Just Get This

Tojiro's gyutuo lets you slice and dice with ease — plus, it's less than $100.

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So you want to talk about chef's knives. A Google search for "best chef's knife" yields an unsightly number of results. We did the research and testing for you, finding Tojiro' DP Gyutou to offer the best bang for your buck (best slash for your cash?). This is why you should just get this knife.

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Western style with Japanese sensibilities

Japanese knives tend to run pretty light, which is common since most Japanese knives feature a partial tang. The DP Gyuto is considered a mid-weight knife, which makes this knife feel more like a German-style chef's knife. And because it's a full tang knife with a riveted handle, those new to Japanese knives may find the GP Gyuto to be the perfect gateway to Japanese knives.

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Cuts corners without cutting corners

This knife is going to be the sharpest tool in the ... kitchen drawer. And it's sharp as can be as soon as you unbox it. The core of the knife metal is VG10 steel ("G" for gold) which combines the corrosion-resistance of stainless steel with the hardness of carbon steel. The outer layer of the knife is 13 chrome stainless steel, a softer steel, which makes it easier to sharpen the knife. In short, the knife is strong, sharp and easy to maintain.

Mid-priced knife with high-end features

It's impressive to find a VG10-core knife like this for sub-$100. Typically these types of knives can run in the three-digit price range. Additionally, because the knife is forged — instead of stamped — it separates itself from cheaply made knives which can dull and break before you know it. Tojiro made this knife to be long-lasting with just a minimal amount of TLC. And since it's not too expensive, you wouldn't feel bad for overlooking its care every now and again. But then again, it was designed to withstand a little neglect.

Tojiro DP Gyutou
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