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How to Store Your Gas Grill for Winter

Give your grill some TLC then put it in hibernation.

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Grilling is a year-round activity. Well, sort of. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall or sub-zero temperatures, then maybe you can't grill all the time. Prepping your grill for the winter is just an extended TLC routine you should be giving your grill every time you use it. Here's how to keep your gas grill protected through the cold months.

Burn off food residue

Shut your grill's lid and crank it up to its highest setting. In about 15 to 20 minutes, all the leftover food residue and crap will be disintegrated or easier for you to scrub off. Besides clearing off the grill of muck so you're not eating it next season, this will eliminate any food supply for rodents who want to make their bed in your grill. Alternatively, try steam cleaning your grill by placing a tray of water inside as it's heating.

Clean the grill's interior

Give your grill some time to cool before going at it with some heavy duty scrubbing. Scrape off leftover bits with a grill brush or grill stone, and then go at it with some soapy water. Be sure to clean every surface inside of the grill, especially the drip tray, which may be filled with some particularly gnarly stuff.

Clean the grill's exterior

Take whatever soapy water mixture you used for the inside of your grill and take it to its exterior. Most gas grills' exteriors are made of steel, and there are specific sprays and cleaners for that. Wipe the lid, knobs, handles, trays, etc. to make sure you grill is spick and span the moment you take it out again.


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Cover and/or store

You did all the prep work to get your grill ready for months of rest, so now it's time to tuck it under a cover. Grill covers can be made from cheap nylon and it'll still do a great job at making sure snow, water and chilly temperatures don't ruin your expensive (or cheap) grill. Bonus protection points if you can store the grill indoors like inside a garage. And if you don't have anywhere to bring the grill, at least try to keep it under a covered surface to further protect it from the elements.

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