The Knives Your Kitchen Is Missing

Opinel's Les Forgés 1890 Collection is a line of beautifully crafted knives that belong in your kitchen.

opinel les forges 1890

Ask any chef, and they’ll agree that at the heart of any well-equipped kitchen is a great set of knives. Your knives matter — from helping you prep your vegetables to carving your perfectly cooked steak that's ready to plate. But finding a trusted knife set to help you achieve your dream dishes can seem somewhat daunting — especially when there's an endless list of options in the market. If you're unsure of where to start, look to brands that have been eponymous with setting the standard for premium blades. Opinel, the French brand that has been crafting blades since 1890, has been known for its wooden-handled knives for over a century. Despite its long heritage, the brand hasn't stopped innovating and has recently launched its Les Forgés 1890 Collection — a line of beautifully crafted knives that are sure to upgrade your kitchen. We took a deeper look at the line to see why it's beloved across professional and budding chefs around the world.

opinel les forges 1890


100% Made in France: The knife that started it all for Opinel was its iconic No. 08 folding knife that was first designed in 1890. Since that innovation, the knife masters have sold over 30 million units of the No. 08 worldwide. It was that very same knife that inspired the Les Forgés 1890 collection. Driven by the same pursuit of high quality and beautiful design, the Les Forgés 1890 knives have set the highest standards of French cutlery.


Lifetime Warranty: We've all been there. We've bought a set of knives that seemed just alright, but then you end up replacing them every year. Regular wear and tear can impact cheaper knives more quickly, impacting their sharpness, balance and feel. That's why Opinel has crafted its knives with the intention of them serving you for years to come —they've even guaranteed a lifetime warranty on any knife purchased.


Free Personalization: With any knife purchase from the Les Forgés 1890 collection, Opinel is allowing you to personalize it with an engraving. Choose to add your name or a short message along the tang. And if you're deciding to gift it to a loved one, the special touch of personalizing it goes a long way.


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