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Our Most Shopped Food and Drink Guides of the Year

Gear Patrol readers filled their carts with lots of coffee makers, kitchen knives and, uh, meat this year.

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In a time of fear and anxiety, nothing comforts like food and drink. And from the looks of it, Gear Patrol readers really comforted themselves by buying a boatload of cookware, coffee and booze. Our job is to share some of the coolest stuff we can find, and give them a test run so you're not wasting your time or money on crappy products. Whether it's an heirloom-quality cast-iron skillet or the best coffee brewer of the year, hitting "Add to Cart" has been an excellent finger exercise. From coffee makers to wine, these are the food and drink guides you folks shopped the most this year.

The Best Coffee Makers

Testing out coffee makers is fun until you're on your fifth cup and you can't steady your hand anymore. We narrowed down a seemingly endless selection of coffee makers into a list of the six essential brewers that'll cater to your every need.


The Best Coffee Grinders

If you're into coffee, you should be into coffee grinders. These are the buzz-worthy models to buy.


The Best Coffee Roasters in America

Buy better coffee beans, and your mornings will be better, too. We promise.


The Best Online Meat Companies

Every cut of meat from every type of animal delivered straight to your door like some sort of meat fairy.


The Best Cast-Iron Skillets

The cast-iron skillets that'll last you your entire lifetime and probably the lifetimes of your children and grandchildren.


The Best Kitchen Knives

Stop being roasted by Gordon Ramsay, and just be Gordon Ramsay. Well, not really, but these knives will make you feel like a Michelin-starred chef.


The Best Bourbon Whiskeys

Obviously everyone needed some whiskey this year.


Where to Buy Wine Online

Wine subscriptions, online bottle shops and local wine producers — we found some of the best places to order wine online because hauling bottles home is not fun.


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