Our Most Shopped Home and Furniture Guides of the Year

From quality office chairs to mattresses that don't break the bank (or your back), GP readers went all-in on comfort this year.

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Body-friendly desk chairs that limit trips to the chiropractor. Built-to-last mattresses that blend the best of memory foam and traditional spring designs. Lounge chairs that serve diligently as a reward for getting through the day, and offer a spot to open a book to pass the time. The through-line? A year indoors. From the moment offices closed and sent employees home to become teachers, chefs and permanent homebodies until now, GP readers have been invested wisely. These are the guides you shopped the most.

The Best Office Chairs You Can Buy

Starting at just over $100, we've tested nearly 75 desk chairs and narrowed our list of the best down to 19. Whether you're on a budget of looking at a more permanent work-from-home situation, we've got a rec for you.

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The Best Sofas & Couches You Can Buy Online

Whether you're into leather, mid-century modern or a good deal, we've pulled nearly 30 of our favorite sofas and couches to window shop.

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The Best Mattresses to Buy Online

Upgrading the thing you spend 40 percent of your life perched on is a wise move, pandemic or not.

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The Best Desks to Buy Online

Small desks, standing desks, cheap desks, normal desks — there is a desk for every kind of work from home office setup here.

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The Best Bed Sheet to Buy Online

We tested dozens and dozens of bed sheets to find the ones that are actually worth buying. Hint: "Egyptian" cotton and high thread counts ain't it.

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The Best Reading Chairs You Can Buy Online

For reading, for napping, for minutes spent not working.

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