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Win Mother’s Day with These 7 Handcrafted Kitchen Upgrades

From hand-forged carbon steel cookware to premium Oregon salt flakes.


The best gift is one that the recipient wouldn’t think to buy on their own — or wants, but can’t justify splurging on. It’s often a replacement for an extant tool: something better-looking, more durable or simply more high end. When it comes to kitchen gear, high-quality wares have the power to elevate daylong braises and humble plates of eggs, alike. Below, find seven coveted ingredients and tools you’d be smart to wrap up this Mother’s Day, all made by hand, built to last and with a story to share.

Blanc Creatives Carbon Steel Cookware

Meet Blanc Creatives, the carbon steel cookware manufacturer with a six-week waitlist.

Learn More: Here

Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello

Made the old-fashioned way: aged in rare wood casks and fortified by time.

Learn More: Here

Jacob May End Grain Butcher Block

Easy on knife blades; easier on the eyes.

Learn More: Here

Jacobsen Salt Co. Finishing Salt

Get to know the first flake salt harvested in the Pacific Northwest since the days of Louis and Clark.

Learn More: Here

Tilit Aprons

Tilit is reimagining the chef’s uniform with premium fabrics — and it’s gaining traction outside of the kitchen.

Learn More: Here

Mosser Glassware Jadeite Mixing Bowls

Ditch the plain white mixing bowls. Jadeite milk glass is the collectible, retro icon you’re going to want.

Learn More: Here

Smithey Ironware Cast Iron Skillet

For over a decade, Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware has sought to bring back that quality of craftsmanship in modern cast iron.

Learn More: Here

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