Our Favorite Cookware Line Just Added 2 Grail-Worthy Styles

Plus, a 15% discount.

Blanc Creatives

Blanc Creatives, a Gear Patrol favorite and producer of premium, hand-forged carbon steel cookware, has introduced a high-walled saucier and new sizes for its roaster.

The saucier ($325) boasts two-inch sidewalls and can be made with two loop handles or one long handle (to enable stir-fry-style tossing). The 10-inch roasting pan has long been a top seller in the company’s lineup, and Blanc Creatives has now added new sizes to capitalize on its versatility. The small roaster ($230) measures six inches in diameter, and the medium ($265) has an eight-inch base. Each item is hand forged and arrives pre-seasoned, ready to use right out of the box.

Better yet, Blanc Creatives is offering 15% off all purchases through May 14 with promo code MOMSDAY.

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