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An Epic Made-in Portland Chef's Knife and 6 More Home and Design Releases

Got a cool $400 lying around? Consider this Steelport knife.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a clever wireless charger, coffee beans doing good and more.

Steelport 8-Inch Carbon Steel Chef Knife


Most American kitchens are tricked out with stainless steel knives. Here's a thought: go high-carbon steel. It's sharp as hell, and it's what most of the pros use in their day to day. Since 2007, Eytan Zias has been running The Knife House in Portland, Oregon. Now he's getting into the knife-making world with his new brand Steelport, which launched in March with a $400 8-inch chef knife. What's with the high price tag? It's a full-tang knife with 65 HRC carbon steel, which means it's extra sharp and durable. The knife's design is meant to encourage a pinch grip, the best way to hold a knife. As a sign of respect to the state it's made in, the handle is made of Oregon bigleaf maple. And remember, this is not stainless steel, so don't let this knife stay wet for long and always dry by hand. Bob Kramer, looks like you've got some competition.

Price: $400


New Belgium Piano Keys Stout

New Belgium

Atlantans are a lucky bunch of folks — they're the only people who can grab New Belgium's latest beer, Piano Keys Stout. Made in collaboration with craft beer enthusiast Ale Sharpton (real name: Dennis Malcolm Byron), the 10 percent ABV imperial stout is brewed with cocoa nibs, and the whole endeavor is meant to increase diversity in the craft beer industry. Two dollars from every purchase of a case of Piano Keys will go to BrewGether, which uplifts Black people in the beer industry; and $1 from every beer purchase from New Belgium tasting rooms will go to local non-profits in Fort Collins, Colorado and Asheville, North Carolina.

Price: $14/four-pack

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      Houseplant Seth’s Ashtray Set and Oil Lamp

      ashtray set
      Houseplant’s Ashtray Set
      Peter Novosel
      oil lamp
      Houseplant’s Oil Lamp
      Peter Novosel

      Seth Rogen's new cannabis brand Houseplant might only be selling its grass in California and Canada, but the rest of the nation can still get in on Seth's housewares. When the brand launched, the ashtray set sold out fast. Thankfully on April 8, the ashtray set is being restocked in a moss colorway (missed out on a weed reference). The set includes an ashtray with a notch for your joint, as well as a base that can double as another ashtray. And just for fun, the set includes a beautifully designed vase.

      Accompanying the restock of the ashtray set is the new oil lamp. The setup pulls triple duty, operating as a candle holder, match holder and ashtray. Everything is built into the green marble base, which sets the mood for sparking up.

      Price (Seth's Ashtray Set): $85 | Price (Oil Lamp): $260

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      Humanscale NeatCharge


      As much as wireless chargers are meant to make your life easier by minimizing how many wires you have, wireless chargers themselves take up precious desk real estate. Humanscale's answer to this is the NeatCharge, a wireless charger that attaches to the bottom of a surface that can charge your device on the surface. And just so you're not sliding your phone around the table like a madman looking for a charge, you can affix a sticker on the surface so you know where the charger is located.

      Price: $149

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      Brightland Digestif Kitchen Candle

      Jill Burrows

      Our favorite cult-ish olive oil brand, Brightland, loves a good digestif, or what you drink after a meal to help you digest. Except Brightland's stab at a digestif isn't an alcoholic beverage — it's a candle. Meant to be lit after a meal to refresh your kitchen and not your stomach, Digestif is aromatherapy at its finest, especially for the company's founder.

      "The Brightland Digestif kitchen candle is extra special to me because of its fragrance notes and what they mean to me: Vetiver is a plant native to South India, and so Digestif's vetiver and black pepper notes immediately take me to my grandparents’ home in South India," Brightland founder and CEO, Aishwarya Iyer says. "The orange blossom and neroli notes remind me of California’s gorgeous natural bounty, so I feel like a part of my heritage, history and personal story is poured into each candle."

      The candles are made in collaboration with Los Angeles-based sustainable candle company Flores Lane, and it's made with Brightland's very own olive oil.

      Price: $42

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      Humblemaker Coffee TACA Blend

      humblemaker coffee taca
      Humblemaker Coffee

      For Autism Awareness Month, California-based coffee roaster made a blend for The Autism Community in Action, a non-profit that supports families raising children with autism. All proceeds from sales of the TACA blend go to the organization, one that has a special place in the heart of Humblemaker co-founder Bryan Marseilles, who has two children on the autism spectrum. This coffee isn't just all about doing good — it's a good coffee in and of itself with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla bean and caramel.

      Price: $18

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      Heath Ceramics Summer Seasonal Collection

      heath ceramics summer seasonal collection
      Heath Ceramics

      Since 1948, Heath Ceramics in California has been making exceptional hand-crafted tableware and tiles. For its summer 2021 collection, the ceramics brand is focusing on the color blue, or more specifically moonstone. According to the brand's principal designer, Rosalie Wild, the moonstone glaze has been around since 1971, and its use in this season's collection is a celebration of its 50th anniversary.

      Price: $29+

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