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Finally, a Sit-Stand Desk for Small-Home Living (and 6 More Home and Design Releases)

Surprisingly, finding a good-quality, compact standing desk has been a constant struggle.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a humidifier for your plants, a non-alcoholic beer from a famed craft brewer and more.

Humanscale eFloat One

humanscale efloat one

For some reason, finding a sit-stand desk that fits small homes has been a true struggle. There are a number of crappy ones from Amazon, but Humanscale's eFloat One is the first we've seen from a legendary home office brand. The desk eschews the two-column stand that most standing desks use, instead opting for a single column base that accommodates the smaller tabletop. It's just 36 inches wide, and the tabletop is made of bamboo, which is sustainable and beautiful. Control the sit-stand desk with an easy-to-use touchpad, which brings the table up as high as 49 inches.

Price: $650


Canopy x The Sill Humidifer

canopy x the sill humidifer

Canopy is the humidifier for millennials. While most humidifiers look like hospital equipment, Canopy somehow made its unit to actually be kind of cute. Cute enough to sit along side your plants, too. Teaming up with online plant retailer The Sill, Canopy released three essential oil blends for some aromatherapy. The fragrances evoke the scents of the places where you can find plants: the forest, a greenhouse and a forest market. Your indoor plants, as well as yourself, could surely use more humidity, and Canopy will provide just that.

Price: $150


Bombay Sapphire Ready-to-Drink Gin & Tonic

bombay sapphire ready to drink gin tonic

We already trust Bombay Sapphire to be the backbone of a great gin and tonic. Throw in Bill Nye saying Bombay Sapphire and tonic are the perfect pair, and we're doubly sold. With the brand's new canned gin and tonics, you can have a delicious G&T on demand. While it's not hard to one up yourself, it's undeniably satisfying to just crack open a can and chug drink.

Price: $11/4-pack


Dogfish Head Lemon Quest

dogfish head lemon quest
Dogfish Head

For a quarter of a century, Dogfish Head has been keeping it weird in the craft beer business. The legendary brewery has since truly gone off the rails in the best possible way with its Dogfish Head Distillery and canned cocktails. But not everyone's looking to get buzzed nowadays, and Lemon Quest is for those looking to keep their blood alcohol content at zero. The non-alcoholic beer is made with lemon puree, blueberry juice blueberry juice, acai berries, monk fruit and sea salt. The special ingredient is the addition of Hopsteiner Polyphenol-Rich Hop Pellets, which make this feel like your regular ol' beer. At just 90 calories and full of sour hoppy flavor, this could keep you going from morning to 5 p.m, when the full-booze beer starts flowing.


Wiggle Room Tables

wiggle room tables
Wiggle Room

Keep your square, rectangular, circular or whatever-shape tables you have — I'm going wiggly. The Brooklyn-based furniture manufacturer Wiggle Room recently launched and its trio of tables are quite a fun sight to behold. Opt for a laminate top to add a pop of color, and these Wiggle Room tables will be even more fun.

Price: $280+


Amass Hard Seltzer

amass hard seltzer

Amass has entered the hard seltzer chat. The botanics brand, which makes an exceptional vodka, gin and non-alcoholic spirt, brought its botanics-first mindset to the hard seltzers with a trio of bright and thirst-quenching drinks perfect for the summer. The hard seltzers include the hibiscus-forward Surfer Rosso, the delicate floral Faerie Fizz and the juicy citrus Sun Sign. Sadly these are only available in California, Florida and New York so far, but Amass has plans to expand distribution.

Price: $56/12-pack


Old Pal Grow Kits

old pal grow kits
Old Pal

Your indoor plant set up may start to look something like this: snake plants, ZZ plants and now cannabis. Old Pal, a cannbis brand from California, is celebrating 4/20 by offering customers the ability to grow their own grass. Partnering with Ladybug Farms, Old Pal's Grow Kits include half-grown Tri-Cross hybrid plant in a one-gallon pot. Give it about nine hours of sun a day, and keep them warm to get buds in about 30 to 45 days. Then smoke away, my friend.

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