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Pour-Over Coffee Fans Will Love This New Coffee Maker

The Steadfast coffee brewer is a new take on the pour-over dripper, designed to create a cleaner coffee, faster.

steadfast coffee brewers

When it comes to brewing pour-over coffee, three devices come to mind: the Chemex, the Kalita Wave and the Hario V60. Those aren't the end all be all of pour-over coffee brewers, but they've definitely cornered the market. Now, however, there's a new pour-over dripper in town — one that could take on those legacy brewers.

The new Steadfast coffee brewer is a leather-wrapped stainless steel pour-over dripper, designed by Hyunjun Kim, who founded Nothin Coffee, a South Korea-based coffee company. The Steadfast's interior features 32 ridges of varying sizes that grow thicker toward the bottom of the dripper.

The ridges were designed to help increase the flow rate of water so it can more quickly reach the bottom of the grounds. Its oval-shaped base (versus the Chemex's conical shape or the Kelitta Wave's flat base) has a single hole in the middle, which Kim found to be ideal in brewing consistently good coffee.

steadfast coffee brewer
The interior ridges of the Steadfast brewer grow thicker towards the bottom, which helps to increase flow rate and fix the bottleneck effect.

Some pour-over drippers lose heat too quickly, which can be detrimental to the coffee. To combat this, the Steadfast has a removable leather exterior, which keeps the coffee slurry hot to improve coffee extraction. As a bonus, the leather wrap just looks good, too.

Rather than creating a new type of coffee filter, Kim designed the Steadfast to work with any straight-bottomed filter, like those from Melitta. Users, however, will have to tinker with the filter a bit to actually work with Steadfast, though all they'll have to do is fold the bottom to create a wider base.

The Steadfast was introduced on Makuake, Japan's largest crowd-funding service, where it exceeded the project's funding goal by over 1,000 percent. The dripper is expected to hit the U.S. market sometime this year.


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