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This Cool New Pizza Oven Turns Your Home or Backyard Into a Pizzeria

Solo Stove released a new pizza oven that'll have you breaking up with your favorite pizzeria, and it's currently discounted for pre-order.

solo stove
Solo Stove

Solo Stove, makers of some of the best fire pits on the market, released a new pizza oven — and it just might have you breaking up with your favorite pizzeria.

Pi is a portable and compact stainless steel pizza oven, utilizing the same smokeless design as Solo Stove's fire pits. The Demi Dome construction creates an even-heated 360-degree cooking surface for perfectly cooked pies, up to 12 inches in size. The Pi is powered by wood, but Solo Stove also sells a gas burner ($175), enabling you to adapt the Pi to be a propane-powered pizza oven.

Solo Stove
Pi Pizza Oven
Solo Stove solostove.com

According to the brand, you can cook about three to four pies an hour; when running with wood, the pizza oven can last for about three hours, or until the ash pan gets completely filled with ash. (Because the Pi can get extremely hot, you should place the oven on a heat-tolerant surface.) Solo Stove is also backing its pizza oven with a lifetime warranty, for a literal lifetime worth of excellent pies.

The pizza oven comes with a pizza stone to ensure your crusts are perfectly crispy, but Solo Stove also offers different bundles, which include complimentary accessories like a stainless peel, a turner and a pizza cutter.

The Pi is available for pre-order right now and the initial orders back when the product was announced in March should have already shipped (or they will soon). But newer orders are looking at an expected ship date of early July 2022. If you order it now, you can also save $200, taking the retail price of $625 down to $425, for a savings of 32 percent. And stay tuned, as we're currently testing the Pi and will have a review of it coming later this month.

Price: $625 $425


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