Finally, Instant Coffee That Doesn’t Suck

Individually-packaged pour-over that ships to your front door.


Instant coffee has a sub-par rep. Dripkit, a Brooklyn-based operation working with Prime Studio, the same design firm behind the Field Skillet, wants to change that.

Its solution to instant coffee’s woes is a single-use, paper pour-over container that comes folded in a sealed packet; it then opens to sit directly atop a mug. Shipped directly to your mailbox, freshly roasted and made-to-order, the brand’s flagship coffee, La Basa No. 5, is ethically sourced from a tiny family-owned farm in Guatemala, and fits into Dripkit’s mantra of sustainability (they’ve promised a fully biodegradable product by 2021). Orders can be made on a subscription (monthly) basis or a la carte, with ten coffee cups worth of instant pour-over per box.

Buy Now: $25+

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