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A Lighter, Smoother Cast-Iron Skillet That’s Big Enough for the Whole Family

The company behind the Field Skillet just released a larger version of the original.


The Field Skillet is 25 to 50 percent lighter than traditional skillets. But what really separates it from your standard big-box variety is the exceptionally smooth cooking surface; look closely and you’ll find that most $20 cast-iron skillets feature a rough, pebbly finish, which translates into an uneven cooking surface.

Today, the company behind the Field Skillet released a larger version of the original. Big enough for that second steak, the diameter of the cooking surface is an inch longer (9.75 inches total). Otherwise, it boasts all the same perks: a pre-seasoned finish and an ergonomic handle. What’s more, it’s made in the USA from at least 75% recycled iron.

Buy Now: $135

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