High Plains Bison

Tasty like steak, healthy like chicken

Summer’s here, and we can’t think of a better way to welcome it than grilling. Instead of reaching for the standard red meat, may we recommend bison? With only 45% of the calories and about 10% of the fat, bison meat is a far healthier option to its beef brethren. High Plains Bison offers a multitude of options ranging from burgers to steaks and roasts to sausage. They pride themselves on having all natural products. You won’t find hormones, fillers, antibiotics or artificial ingredients here, just American bison.

Our sampling included the filet mignon and burger offerings and we came away very satisfied with our meals. Bison meat has all of the great meaty taste we’ve come to associate with beef. Even with the much learner meat, our bison filet mignon was juicy, tender, and could easily hold it’s own in a bovine throw down. The burgers were thick, mouth watering and packed with 27 grams of protein each. It’s a great option when the cheeseburger cravings come calling.

Editor’s Note: Because bison has considerably less marbled fat, it cooks faster than beef. Just a heads up, wouldn’t want you ruining your cookout with dry meat.

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