Canadian Club 30 Year

What Were You Doing Three Decades Ago?


Ask yourself, how old are you? 20, 30, 40 even? Well, Canadian Club, purveyor of Canadian blended whisky, started crafting Canadian Club 30 Year ($200) long before you had even heard the word whisky. You know, the days of diapers not chinos, Legos instead of promotions… Limited to only 3,000 bottles as a celebration of Canadian Club’s 150th anniversary, the 30 year can be best described as summarily smooth unlike you’ve ever experienced. Most likely because a man should never tire of drinking history.

You’d expect a lot of wood notes in a 30-year-old, as did I, but this bright amber panacea initially hits with a spicy bananas foster flavor (caramel, honey, bananas, spice), then mellows to a smooth rye. The 80 proof Canadian is certainly one of the better whisky’s we’ve tried and god knows we’ve tried a lot. Consider it a fantastic gift for dad, a best man offering, or a drink to hide deep in the bowels of your bar and reached for on nights when you need a reminder there are things (or drinks) larger than the problems at hand. FYI: Canadian Club 30 year is not an easy find.

Buy Now: $200

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