Activist Eyewear 10.01

Tech-Laden Shades with a Classic Disguise


There are hundreds of brands out there making Wayfarer-like pairs of shades, and at first glance the Activist Eyewear 10.01 ($450) may seem like just another imitator. Look closer though and you’ll notice details you won’t find on other specs. Before we dive into the specifics though, let’s first make it clear that Activist Eyewear as a brand is built on the simple motto of quality over quantity. Each model’s colorway is even limited to a production run of 718 pieces, in honor of the company’s hometown area code. If that didn’t make them special enough for you, then keep reading for more details and images.


Two of the 10.01’s key features are the hingeless Split-Fit ends and custom rubber fin nose pads. The y-shaped ends may look like some strange frog limb grafted onto the frames, but they’re designed to dynamically grip your head rather rest on your ears, making them comfortable and secure no matter what you get into. Similarly, the rubber nose pads are co-injected into the frame front and feature venting systems that help channel air in, and moisture out.

Their Activism lenses are just as feature packed. Besides blocking all manner of UV and absorb distracting reflective glare, they even sport an Oleophobic seal to help the lenses stay clean through sweat, water, dust, and oils. Sold in four distinct colorways, each pair comes with case, colorful cleaning cloth, and two sets of straps, making the $450 price tag slightly less difficult to swallow when you also factor in their limited edition nature. Look for them to become available this November.


Activist-Eyewear-10.01 back

Buy Now: $450 (in November)

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