Belvedere Intense Vodka

A Spirit with Spirit


Most higher-end vodka brands compete over their level of smoothness or perhaps the shape of their bottles. Belvedere takes a different approach with their Intense vodka ($40). This 100 proof vodka is double filtered through charcoal for an increased alcohol content that’ll certainly help you get the party started (or stumbling). It’s also unusually described as having flavor notes of creme caramel and bitter chocolate — which we’re used to tasting from whiskeys. Packaged in a dark bottle designed to look like a negative of the classic original, it’s a bold spirit worth trying at least once. Since its release several years ago, bottle prices have thankfully also dropped to less gimmicky levels and you can now find it in a wider array of stores, including online shops. Our suggestion? Add this to your Halloween party booze list and no one will care that your costume is lame.

Buy Now: $40

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