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Looking for the Best Bourbon for the Money? Just Get This

Knob Creek's Small Batch Bourbon proves great bourbon doesn't have to be rare or expensive.

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"What's the best bourbon you can buy?" is an impossible question to answer without knowing a person's tastes, budget and the drinking context. That said, Knob Creek's 9-year-old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is the correct answer for more people than any other bottle. Here's why.

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Return of the age statement

In a time when age statements – a guarantee of the minimum number of years a whiskey was aged – are drying up or demanding top dollar, Knob Creek brought its 9-year guarantee back, and for about $30 to $35 a bottle. In terms of age-dollar value, it's unrivaled.

Available everywhere, always

There are stores that don't carry Four Roses. There are stores that don't carry Buffalo Trace. There are not stores that don't carry Knob Creek. When it comes to availability and, by extension, consistent and fair pricing, this is a huge factor.

Peanut butter bomb

How does it taste? Knob Creek's peanut profile is a known and very delicious quantity. It's not as spice-driven as other mid-shelf bourbons, which makes it more approachable for those newer to the bourbon world, but its age and buttery finish provides more depth than its contemporaries.

Be like (and good with) water

Knob Creek Small Batch is not a mixing whiskey, it's not a shooter and it's not something that demands savoring, but you could take it any way you want and you won't be disappointed. The price, quality and availability all but guarantees it.

Knob Creek

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