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Just Get This Rum if You're Tired of Bacardi-Induced Hangovers

Plantation's jet-setting rum spends five years aging in barrels around the world.

just get this plantation rum
Plantation Barbados 5 Years, $26

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Talking about rum can turn up images of boozed-up pirates or piña coladas. But the spirt has crazy range, and one bottle that best exemplifies this is Plantation Barbados 5 Years. When you're at the liquor store debating on whether or not to get another bottle of Bacardi, just get this. Here's why.


Aged like a fine wine

As its name says, Barbados rum is aged for five years. The first three or four of which are spent in bourbon barrels in the Caribbean before betting jetted off to France, where it's refined for a year or two in French oak. The aging process gives the rum a fudge-like vanilla flavor, punctuated by toasted coconut and orange peel.

Your new cigar-drinking spirit

You can drink anything while smoking a cigar, but most seem to reach for a glass of bourbon or scotch. A glass of this rum will hold its own against your favorite typical brown liquor. Because the rum has spent some time aging — in bourbon barrels no less — it has enough heft and body to complement a cigar without being overpowered by it.

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Yeah, it makes a great piña colada

While we're touting this rum's ability for being a sipping liquor, it still works exceptionally well in all your favorite rum-based cocktails. Its flavors are more pronounced than your typical bottom-of-the-barrel rum, and it helps enhance whatever you mix this with.


Plantation Barbados 5 Year Rum


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