Brooklyn Brewery’s Hard Seltzer Is as Unexpected as It Is Excellent

Brooklyn Brewery's Hard Seltzer is both unexpected and just as good as you'd expect.

brooklyn brewery hard seltzer
Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is a little late to the hard seltzer game. Doesn't the world-famous craft brewery know that 2019 was the year of hard seltzer? Then again, 2020 was also the year of hard seltzer. As is 2021. OK, maybe Brooklyn Brewery isn't too late, and if our first taste of its hard seltzer is anything to go by, it was worth the wait.

Brooklyn Brewery's Hard Seltzer comprises four flavors — grapefruit, black cherry apricot, lemon cloudberry, and mango — available in those iconic 12-ounce skinny cans that hard seltzer fans have come to know and love. The hard seltzers are 100 calories a pop, clocking in at 5 percent ABV each.

We gave the new drinks a try and found them to be crisp and tasty. They lacked the nasty aftertaste of poorly made hard seltzers — the aftertaste that reminds you that you're drinking hard seltzer and not, you know, regular seltzer. And they definitely don't have any of that nauseating high fructose corn syrupy-ness. These are, in a word, delicious. Brooklyn Brewery's Hard Seltzer is on the more luxe side of the hard seltzer spectrum, and luckily the Brooklyn-based institution is bringing its newest offering nationwide in 12-can variety packs.

Breweries, from cult-favorite craft breweries like Evil Twin to Goliaths like Bud Light, are all about hopping on the hard seltzer bandwagon — after all, go where the money is. We constantly talk about the unmistakable rise of hard seltzer, and after two years of the sentiment, it doesn't look like we'll be cutting it out yet.


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