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White Claw, Bless Them, Is Giving Us New Flavors and a Higher-ABV Version

White Claw Surge: the double IPA of the hard seltzer world.

white claw

It's not a true summer outing until someone whips out the White Claw. And this summer, White Claw's going to be sinking its talons a little more deeply than you're used to: the brand has announced a new line of hard seltzers called White Claw Surge, which clock in at a whopping 8.0-percent alcohol by volume. Consider it the double IPA of hard seltzers.

Not that you need to wait until summer to pop some longer, stronger claws, of course. Available now, White Claw Surge is only available in 16-ounce cans, foregoing the slim 12-ounce containers White Claw (and many other hard seltzers) are known for. It's only available in two flavors — cranberry and blood orange — for now.

That said, folks who don't want to pound the hard selter equivalent of Heady Toppers also have some good news to receive. The launch of Surge accompanies White Claw's release of a few new flavors of its regular size-and-strength hard seltzer; buyers can now also try out strawberry, pineapple and blackberry.

It's no surprise that White Claw is jumping into the market with something like Surge; high-ABV seltzers are huge right now. White Claw competitor Truly has Truly Extra Hard Seltzer (8 percent ABV); Four Loko has its own hard seltzer (12 percent); rapper Travis Scott's launched Cacti (7 percent) earlier this year; and don't forget, of course, Bud Light Platinum Seltzer (8 percent).

White Claw is dominating the boozy beverage aisle right now. Besides its regular hard seltzer and Surge, the brand released a hard iced tea last month. Hard to say what's next for the brand, but there's no denying people will be buying into the Claw.


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