This Whiskey Will Be a Serious Contender for Best Bourbon of the Year

A blend of some of the oldest Four Roses bourbon ever bottled.


When it comes to whiskey releases, Four Roses is famously picky. Where its contemporaries drop limited edition, experimental, ultra-rare whiskey on a regular basis, Four Roses sticks to its single limited offering every year. And unlike those competitors, its limited run juice never misses the mark.

Named World Whiskies Awards’ Bourbon of the Year twice in three years, Limited Edition Small Batch is Master Distiller Brent Elliot’s chance to experiment with the distillery’s older stock. This year’s release is a blend of 21-year-old, 11-year-old and two separate 15-year-old whiskeys, making it one of the most mature bottlings to date. And because of the brand’s unique mix-and-match approach to whiskey recipes, it isn’t just the same whiskey that’s been left to age longer than usual. The 21-year, 11-year and one of the 15-year portions are all different mashbill and yeast mixes.

This year’s expression is also non-chill filtered and bottled at a sturdy 112 proof, a few proof points higher than the usual 100 to 108. Bottles will arrive at retailers following the September 21 launch at the distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The brand says there are 13,440 bottles in total and the retail price will be $140.

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