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This Is the Tailgating Cocktail to End All Tailgating Cocktails

Aaron Goldfarb’s recipe for a good tailgate cocktail is, well, gin-forward.


Those familiar with cocktails, whiskey, beer, spirits or really anything with alcohol in it have probably read Aaron Goldfarb’s work. He’s written on everything from the only whiskey more hyped than Pappy Van Winkle to the deep-cut cool of green bottles of beer. But Goldfarb interests don’t stop at high-minded boozing — he is equally capable of crafting a cocktail that’s made in the Igloo coolers you put Gatorade in.

Behold what Goldfarb aptly calls “The Igloo Cooler… Cooler” in his new book, Gather Around Cocktails, a collection of drinks to celebrate “usual and unusual holidays.” It serves north of 60 cocktails and it includes such ingredient requirements as 60 limes and 25 cucumbers, and it will be your go-to tailgating fix this fall. This is how to make it.

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The Igloo Cooler… Cooler

Makes 60 to 80 cocktails
8 (750-milliliter) bottles of gin
25 cucumbers, peeled and coarsely chopped, plus extra slices for garnish
12½ cups lime juice (about 60 limes), plus extra wedges for garnish
12½ cups classic simple syrup
Soda water or tonic (optional)

1. Puree the cucumbers in a food processor or a juicer until you get a pulpy juice. Strain through a mesh colander.

2. In an Igloo cooler, combine the cucumber juice, gin, lime juice and syrup, and stir. Top the cooler with ice.

3. Guests can serve themselves directly from the spigot, then top with soda water for a lighter drink, and garnish with the cucumber slices and lime wedges.

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