Known as Poor Man’s Pappy, This Bourbon Whiskey Just Got a Lot More Interesting

Larceny has been a go-to for wheat-obsessed bourbon drinkers for years. Now they’ve got options.


There’s a new consolation prize for bourbon hunters giving up the hunt for bottles of Pappy or Weller.

The barrel proof version of Heaven Hill Distillery’s affordable, well-loved Larceny bourbon is made with the same mashbill as its predecessor and therefore falls in the category bourbon drinkers call “wheaters.” Where most bourbon recipes are comprised of corn, rye and malted barley, a select few substitute wheat for barley. The category has experienced a small whiskey nerd renaissance as it’s rode the coattails of Pappy and Weller.

Retailing between $20 and $25 and available yearround, Larceny has long been known as one of two great entry points into wheated bourbons (the other being Maker’s Mark). It’s in our guide to best wheated bourbons and best overall bourbons, where bourbon expert Fred Minnick called it “a good, inexpensive, wheated everyday sipper.”

Its barrel proof variant will retail for $50 and release three times a year, with each release bottled at different proof points (the specific proof of the first release was not made available). Heaven Hill says the whiskey in the bottle will be aged between six and eight years and is rolling out to retailers this month.

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