Tasting Notes: Corsair Triple Smoke Single Barrel American Malt Whiskey

Single Down South


Smoked whiskey isn’t usually America’s cup o’hooch but that doesn’t mean braver distillers won’t try their hand at it. Corsair Artisan Distillery plies their hand at the smoked flavor palate with their newest whiskey, Triple Smoke Single Barrel American Malt.Crafted from malted barley smoked by three different flavor fuels including cherry wood, peat and beechwood, the whiskey is then distilled and barreled in charred oak to age. And to ensure blending unique flavors, Corsair ensures that every bottle poured is from a single barrel. A smokey nose and full-bodied sweetness emanate from each sip. If you ever find yourself weary (not that you would) of single malts from across the pond, consider giving this home bred option a try — we prefer it neat.

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