I Want to Drink Buffalo Trace’s New Pappy-Like Bourbon with a Straw

Easy-drinking PVW-adjacent bourbon that also pushes boundaries? Uh, yes.


Despite having not tried Buffalo Trace’s newest whiskey, I’m confident two things will prove true: it will be absolutely delicious, and 99.999% of us won’t be able to find it anywhere.

Released under its semi-mysterious Experimental Collection label, the whiskey, bluntly called “Experimental Wheat Bourbon,” is a 90 proof, 12-year-old wheated bourbon. Bourbon nerds will immediately think Pappy, and rightfully so — it’s made with the same mashbill as Pappy (and Weller), which replaces rye in the grain recipe for wheat, and it’s matured for more than a decade. Plus, like both Pappy 20-year and Special Reserve, it’s cut to an easy-drinking 90 proof.

What’s experimental about that? For centuries, whiskey has been barreled at one proof point, dumped into vats and cut with water to the desired proof. This whiskey, of which there will be very few bottles available, was barreled in 2007 at 114 proof, left to mature for four years, then dumped and cut down to 100 proof and rebarreled to mature for another eight years. The exact difference this made isn’t apparent yet, but whatever the result, it was enough for Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley to call it one of his favorite Experimental Collection releases yet.

The distillery says bottles (375mL) will begin showing up in liquor stores in May and retail for $47. The distillery didn’t include specifics on quantities, saying “[Experimental Collection] releases are generally quite small and have limited availability.”

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