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The Best Cutting Boards for Chopping, Slicing and Dicing

You can't use those fancy kitchen knives without an equally excellent cutting board.

five two bamboo double sided cutting board

Any cook will know the value of owning a good cutting board. It's not like you're going to cut directly on your kitchen counter, right? (Please let your answer be "Right.") A good cutting board will keep your knives sharp, keep messes from ending up on your counter and keep still because you don't want, or need, to cut off any fingertips. Cutting boards come in a bunch of shapes and sizes, and that's before you start to get into cutting board materials. We tested a bunch of cutting boards to find the best one for every kind of cook, and we break down what it takes to be the best of the best.

      What to Look For in a Cutting Board


      A cutting board can come in one of many materials. Whether it's wood or plastic, a cutting board's construction can dictate what it does best. Here's a breakdown of the most common cutting board materials.

      Wood: Wood is an excellent material for a cutting board, providing both heft (to prevent slippage) and knife protection (it won't damage the sharp edge of your blade). However, they may be hard to store if they're on the large side, they're expensive and they require extra care.

      Plastic: The typical home cook will love plastic cutting board's ability to be washed in a dishwasher. They're also dirt cheap and lightweight. However, they dull blades faster than other materials, and they don't last very long, so they'll have to be replaced more often.

      Rubber: Professional chefs praise rubber cutting boards for good reason. They're heavy and good on knives, and all of the abuse it takes — those gashes and cuts — can be sanded down to be good as new. The only downside, if there is one, is that they can't be cleaned in the dishwasher.

      Bamboo: Bamboo, like wood, has a natural beauty to it, though requires just a little less care than wood. The material is naturally anti-microbial, though that doesn't mean you should forego cleaning it. On the other hand, bamboo cutting boards are harder than wood, and can therefore be rough on your knife's cutting edge.


      Which sized cutting board you buy will obviously depend on how much counter space you have and how much storage space you have. It's also important to choose a size depending on how big your knife is because you wouldn't want to chop food using a big chef's knife when you're using a tiny cutting board. A standard cutting board size will be about 12-by-18 inches, where bigger ones can go up to 24-by-36 inches. Smaller cutting boards can be excellent for the occasion when you just need to prep some garlic or slice some small produce.

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      How We Tested
      cutting boards
      Gear Patrol Staff

      We evaluated cutting boards that our staff already owned, as well as cutting boards that we found to have positive reviews and reception online. Of the cutting boards we tested, we judged their design, size and materials, as well as how they fared after multiple rounds of food preparation. Our testers were then asked for their opinions on what was good (and potentially bad) about their cutting board to make our determinations.

      Best Overall Cutting Board
      Five Two Bamboo Double Sided Cutting Board
      Best Splurge Cutting Board
      John Boos & Co. Maple Wood Chopping Block with Hand Grips
      Best Budget Cutting Board
      Oxo Good Grips 2-Piece Cutting Board Set
      Best Wooden Cutting Board
      John Boos Block Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board
      Best Rubber Cutting Board
      No-Trax Sani-Tuff
      Best Bamboo Cutting Board
      Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set
      Best Sustainable Cutting Board
      Material The reBoard
      Best Cutting Board Set
      Joseph Joseph Index Plastic Cutting Board Set
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