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The Best Grilling Gifts to Give Your Dad This Father’s Day

We round up the best tools and gadgets to give dads who love nothing more than to spend time around the grill.


Picking out a Father’s Day gift is no easy task, but if you’re buying for an amateur grillmaster, you’re in luck — grilling is one of the most gadget-friendly hobbies there is. Our guide to the best grilling gifts for Father’s Day includes stuff your dad doesn’t have, better versions of the things he does have and things he hasn’t even considered yet — basically, everything but the grill.

MEATER+ Smart Meat Thermometer

There are plenty of devices dad didn’t have “back in his day” that can now make his life way easier. The MEATER+ Smart Meat Thermometer is one such device — a wireless leave-in thermometer that pairs with a smartphone app to provide estimated cook times and mobile alerts within a range of 165 feet. Measuring both internal meat and external ambient temperatures means you get an accurate, consistent doneness every time. And it gives dad the freedom to walk away from the grill and prep other dishes, open a beer or toss some horseshoes.

Buy Now: $99

Cave Tools Meat Claws

Anyone who has ever tried to pull pork with anything but meat claws knows how foolish an endeavor it is. These provide a bit more room to breath for your knuckles, hardwearing stainless steel claws and a lifetime guarantee.

Buy Now: $18

Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef.

Barbecue deity Aaron Franklin has become obsessed with grilling steaks and, in this book, he’s bound to piss your dad off. Within its 224 pages is old-school grilling technique after old-school grilling technique completely shattered. Don’t rest your steak. You don’t need to let it come to room temperature. Flip the steak a ton. Everything your dad knows about grilling is about to change.

Buy Now: $19

Weber Grill’N Spray

From the makers of America’s favorite grill comes the first non-flammable grill spray out there. Made from soybean oil instead of olive, canola or peanut oil, it also limits grill smoke significantly.

Buy Now: $27

Kalamazoo Quebracho Charcoal

There’s nothing inherently wrong with your usual bag of Kingsford, but lump coal burns longer, dryer and with less chemicals than standard charcoal. Kalamazoo uses 100 percent quebracho blanco wood in its bag, a species known for exceptional density and hardness, which allows for a long, hot burn that produces minimal ash.

Buy Now: $65

Looftlighter Original

Everybody has their trick to getting coals lit up in a hurry, but no trick is faster than the Looftlighter. Richard Looft’s invention generates more than 1,000 degrees of heat and lights coals in a minute or less. Plus, it doesn’t generate any flame or require the use or any additional fuel.

Buy Now: $66

Porter Road Tomahawk Ribeye

The gift to get a dad who already has all the grilling gear he needs. All Porter Road beef is pasture-raised in Tennessee and Kentucky and aged a minimum of 14 days, giving it a richer, deeper flavor. It’s also completely excessive and not a cut of meat pops can pick up at a grocery store — both qualities perfect for a Father’s Day gift.

Buy Now: $75

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Nano

A sous-vide circulator is a barbecue shortcut, which proves especially useful if your dad’s grill isn’t capable of smoking meat. Anova’s Nano sous-vide is compact, affordable, fast and accurate. Use it to make pull-apart beef brisket without the pit.

Buy Now: $79

DCS Grill Apron

The makers of exceptional custom grilling units at DCS also sell an exceptional grilling arpon. Designed in a classic pattern with a single chest pocket, it’s made with heavy cotton canvas and brass findings. It’s a sturdy buy that’ll stick around forever.

Buy Now: $99

Yeti Tundra 45

The rotomolded cooler or your dad’s dreams also makes a stellar grill companion. Fill it up with water, drop a sous-vide circulator in and prep your steaks to the exact internal temperature your guests want. Use it as insulated transport for freshly smoked ribs. Fill it up with beer. There’s more uses for a Yeti than are worth mentioning.

Buy Now: $300

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