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The 16 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Skip the actual whiskey and get them a whiskey-adjacent gift — something the whiskey lover will use every time they go for a dram.

best gifts for whiskey lovers

Unless you want to get chastised for buying a subpar bottle of whiskey as a gift for your whiskey-loving friend, skip the actual whiskey and get them a whiskey-adjacent gift — something the whiskey lover will use every time they go for a dram, and will make them think of you when they're using it. The perfect whiskey gift could be their next go-to glass or a set of cigars to enjoy with their juice. What's more, these gifts last way longer than how ever many pours you can get from a bottle of whiskey. Whether they're a bourbon fanatic or a scotch stan or whatever's in between, your whiskey-loving friend will equally love whatever you buy them from this list.

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W&P Large Cube Tray
Gear Patrol

On the rocks? More like on the boulders. These ice colds make giant ice cubes that take forever to melt — preventing too much dilution — while it keeps your whiskey cold until it's time for another pour. 

Glencairn Whisky Glass, Set of 4

This is the whiskey glass to end all whiskey glasses. It's the one that judges use to taste whiskey in competitions because they offer up the ultimate drinking experience from achieving the perfect swirl to the way it accentuates the whiskey's aromas.

Hacking Whiskey: Smoking, Blending, Fat Washing, and Other Whiskey Experiments

Whiskey nerd Aaron Goldfarb is like a mad scientist in his book, "Hacking Whiskey." The legend teaches you everything you need to know to hack whiskey so that you can have a truly perfect drink.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Aromatic Bitters
Gear Patrol

The world of bitters is far wider than your standard Angostura bitters. Try Jack Rudy's to dramatically change the way your Old Fashioned tastes.

Hotel Starlino Italian Maraschino Cherries
Gear Patrol

Nope, those aren't rubies in a jar — they're just the most perfect Maraschino cherries made by a company that's been doing it for four generations. 

Pop Chart Whiskey Scratch Off Chart
Gear Patrol

Great, an excuse to drink even more whiskey so you can scratch off every bottle on this chart.

Fleabags Recycled Leather Coaster Set
Gear Patrol

Leather and whiskey? How original. 

Daneson Whiskey-Infused Toothpicks

Skip the day drinking for a whiskey-infused toothpick that screams less "drinking problem" and more "drinking fanatic."

Pappy & Co. Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
Gear Patrol

Unless you really love your whiskey-loving friend and have an endless pit of cash, you aren't gifting a bottle of Pappy any time soon. The folks at Pappy & Co. are direct descendants of the bespectacled, cigar-smoking Pappy himself, and they age maple syrup in retired Pappy barrels. Bourbon for breakfast? Sign us up.

Viski Decanter
Gear Patrol

Is there an 18-year-old scotch in there or some Jack Daniel's? No one will ever know.

Bespoke Post Puro Box

Spark up while you drink up. Cigar newbies and cigar experts alike will enjoy these cigars, and you'll be one step closer to emulating Pappy Van Winkle.

Crate and Barrel Fenton Bar Tool Set

What drink can't you make with this bar tool set? 

Whiskey Leatherworks The Clark Fork Copper Flask

Gotta have your whiskey on the go! Do it in style with this leather-wrapped stainless steel flask that's both beautiful and functional. Each leather wrap is handmade in Montana, and it'll develop a nice patina with use. 

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Crafthouse Bar Tool Set
Gear Patrol

World-champion bartender Charles Joly helped design this set, and it'll have you prepping drinks like you're a world-champion bartender.

Burrow Dram Bar Cart

Whether it's one bottle or one hundred bottles, whiskey and other spirits need a nice place to call home. That place should be Burrow's Dram Bar Cart. And it's on wheels so you can bring the party anywhere.

Flaviar Whiskey Subscription

You might not know what whiskey you're buying, but the people at Flaviar sure know what they're doing. Let the experts pick what whiskeys your friend gets, and you can expect a similarly excellent gift from your giftee next time.

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