The Best Gifts for Dads That Love to DIY

We've compiled the best gifts to give this Father's Day to take your dad's toolbox to the next level.

case knives
Case XX

We all know dads are the kings of DIY, but without the right tools, it can be a difficult job. To upgrade your dad's tool kit, and make sure that his next DIY project is a success, we've curated eight gifts worth giving this year. This guide has everything from a Case knife with swappable blades to the ultimate pair of pliers, and everything on this list is guaranteed to be a possession he will treasure for years to come. Whether your dad loves to build, fix or just tinker around the house, we have everything he needs to level up his DIY game.

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Camo Case Caliber Lightweight Synthetic XX-Changer with Ballistic Nylon Sheath
camo case caliber lightweight synthetic xx changer with ballistic nylon sheath
Case XX

This collection of knives will find a home in any toolbox. With four interchangeable blades including a Clip blade, Fillet/Boning blade, Drop Point Blade and Saw blade, the Camo Case Caliber can handle any job thrown its way.

Price: $98


Red Clouds Collective Landseer Tool Roll

For all of his new tools, dad will need something to keep them organized. Made with durable waxed canvas, this tool roll from Red Clouds Collective features five tool slots and one snap-closed pocket. Plus, it can easily be attached to a motorcycle or bicycle for the dad that's on the go.

Case Winkler Canvas Laminate Pack Axe
case winkler canvas laminate pack axe
Case XX

With a durable canvas grip and a tapered skeletonized handle, this axe promotes better balance for more accurate in-hand strikes. Plus, dad can use the blunt end as a mallet for pounding nails, tapping rocky terrain or tackling small-scale demolition.

Price: $499


PB Swiss Twister Bit Ratchet Driver Set

This handy set features a SwissGrip ratcheting bit driver that will make dad's DIY projects around the house a lot easier. Plus, it comes in a premium storage case with a foam insert so he can spend more time working and less time searching for bits.

Case American Workman Red Synthetic Seahorse Whittler
american workman red synthetic seahorse whittler
Case XX

From camping to carpentry to everyday tasks, this whittler will be your dad’s new best friend. With three blade options including a rugged, hard-working blade, a light blade for light-duty work and one for carving and whittling, this will be the only knife he needs.

Price: $89


KNIPEX Pliers Wrench 10-Inch
$55.03 (32% off)

The KNIPEX Pliers Wrench is the gold standard. It's excellent for gripping, holding, pressing and bending workpieces. The high lever ratio and infinitely variable adjustment guarantee a secure and smooth grip free from backlash.

Taylor Stitch The Chore Pant in Indigo Boss Duck

Made from a blend of hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester and a smidgen of stretch, these pants are durable enough for your dad's toughest jobs but comfortable enough to wear all day.

Gear Patrol Studios
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