Tactical Grilling Apron

I Love the Smell of Lighter Fluid in the Morning


Survival gear is hot these days. With the world economy bottoming out, bombs going off in posh hotels, and threat levels hovering in the orange zone, people are gearing up for the apocalypse. Military chic often surges in popularity during times like these. In the 70s (after Vietnam), preppy kids would comb the racks at Army surplus stores for just the right pair of camo pants to wear to class.

It’s happening again – witness the popularity of military-inspired watches, knives, clothing, aprons… aprons? Enter the Tactical Grilling Apron. Hit the jump for a full briefing.

Make no mistake; this piece of kit is no pretender. Expertly stitched from the same 1000D Cordura used for Special Forces packs and clothing, the apron wears like iron and has thoughtful “tactical” detailing like locking clips for the waist belt and sliding friction buckles for the neck strap. There’s a hook-and-loop patch at the top of the apron for your military patches so you can display your loyalties, whether they lie with the 101st Airborne or the Green Bay Packers. The apron is available in two patterns – Universal Digital Camouflage or the new “MultiCam” pattern that is all the rage now in military circles.


Perhaps the most impressive and obvious feature is the PALS/MOLLE-compliant modular attachment webbing that crosses the front of the apron. Want to wear your canteen close at hand? Your medical kit? How about a backup 9mm ammo clip? Mount any mil-spec pouch anywhere on the apron and you’re good to go. You’ll be equally prepared to deal with that runaway ribeye flaming up on the grill or with the Taliban tailgaters in the SUV next to yours. Tactical Grilling also sells a “Beer Shingle” that straps to the webbing and holds four 12oz. bottles securely at hand for your immediate marinating needs or to slake your thirst after feeding the troops.

Wearing the Tactical Grilling Apron won’t necessarily improve your grilling skills, but it might mean your guests will think twice before complaining about their charred burgers.

Cost: $45

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