LAMY Safari Pens

A Better Pen


A decent set of writing instruments belongs in every man’s daily carry list. Unfortunately, your options are usually boring. They likely range from Grandpa’s Cross set that’s so skinny it slips out of your hand, or, on the stupid expensive end of the spectrum, a diamond encrusted Montblanc. LAMY’s Safari line is a great solution to this problem, offering an excellent product at an excellent price.

Our test left us feeling enthusiastic about this great value in penmanship. Hit the jump to hear why.


Made of sturdy and colorful ABS plastic, the Safari line takes liberal advantage of the color wheel, giving you options from flat black to hot pink, or in our case Gear Patrol orange. Needless to say, this will afford you the opportunity to be as understated or loud as you desire. Colors aren’t your only options either with fountain, ball and rollerball pens available, as well as mechanical pencils in the line.

The fountain pens come in the requisite nib widths to suit a variety of writing preferences. Each Safari has a chrome wire clip to safely retain it in pocket or bag, and a “comfort molded grip section” for a more pleasurable writing experience.

We got our ink stained hands on Safari fountain and ball point pens, in (suprise, suprise) orange, plus a Vista fountain pen (essentially a clear Safari) with orange ink. The fountain pen easily matched the ink delivery of a pen many times its price, with a smooth and forgiving script. The ball point was a ball point, but looked great. The grip section on all three were excellent, allowing for a cramp free marathon session of thank you note writing. For the cost of admission, these are a steal in terms of a high-end writing experience. It’s time to break free of that embarrassing hotel pen collection and start writing like a big boy.

Cost: $22-$30

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