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Ryobi Tek4 Digital Key Lock Box

3 Keys.


Venerable power tool manufacturer Ryobi has rolled out a new set of tech focused tools called Ryobi Tek4 and Gear Patrol has got our hands on a few of them. We’ll be doing a review on the more traditional tools in the coming weeks, but we thought we’d share with you one that we found pretty unique, the Ryobi Digital Key Lock Box.

Now, Gear Patrol reviews our fair share of power tools, but we haven’t had a key lock box come across our desks, let alone a digital key lock box and we never thought we’d actually need one, but using the Ryobi Tek4 Digital Key Lock Box makes us think otherwise.

Whether you own a small business or a high traffic home, the Ryobi Digital Key Lock Box is a purposeful addition that helps you manage several keys and keep track of who’s using them (kids car keys, keys to your workshop, keys to your cigars, etc). With a traditional key lock box you’re likely to lose track of who has what key, but Ryobi’s digital key lock box takes out the guesswork by providing access tracking for the last 10 users and a variety flexible code settings (guest, one-time, and variable duration codes). It also features 9 months of battery life between charges, an LCD readout, die cast housing that stores up to 3 keys, wall mounting bracket or door-lock loop, a manual back-up key if the battery runs out, impact/dust/water resistance, and a 2 year warranty.

Oh, and peace of mind.

Cost: $60

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