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Meet the Ceiling Fan and Light that React to You

A smart fan and light that can save you both time and money.

The ubiquitous view of the future paints sleek designs merging with advanced technology to streamline people’s lives. And, in recent years, once-far-fetched products are becoming realities. “Smart” technology covers every corner of the home, including, now, the ceiling. Thanks to Haiku Home, a division of Big Ass Solutions, new ceiling fans and lights are making rooms smarter and monthly electric bills lower.

Housed in Haiku’s new L Series Fan, a three-blade model with a slim modern aesthetic, is an LED lighting system and smart technology that respond automatically to environmental changes. Activated by an optional wall control, the SenseME Technology adjusts fan settings automatically based on room conditions — occupancy, temperature, humidity — keeping you comfortable when you’re in the room, and saving energy (and money) when you’re out. Haiku has also partnered with Amazon for voice-controlled operation, and L Series fans purchased from Amazon will have wi-fi compatibility, allowing the fixture to connect to Amazon Echo. This makes adjusting the fan’s settings as simple as a verbal command. Echo integration will roll out automatically to all fans with SenseME technology as part of an app update on April 28th.

The fan adjusts automatically based on room conditions — occupancy, temperature, humidity — keeping you comfortable when you’re in the room, and saving energy (and money) when you’re out.

The L Series Fan’s design boasts sculpted airfoils that are hand-balanced, a detail that has the fan performing at four times the efficiency of Energy Star requirements and operating silently at any speed. The fan comes in both black and white colorways and includes a universal mount that is suitable for both flat and angled ceilings.

On the lighting side, Haiku’s Designer Series light fixtures are just as smart and efficient as the fans, and are housed in a smooth, conical body. The Designer Series features a built-in motion sensor which activates the light when you enter a room and turns it off when you leave. Later this year, Active Light Equalization tech will become available via an over-the-air firmware upgrade: it responds to ambient light, dimming intensity on sunny days and brightening it on cloudy days.

Utilizing LEDs, the Designer Series is much more efficient than incandescent lighting, and is also more versatile. The Premier model of the fixture allows users to shift color temperatures from warm amber to cool white to set the mood for any occasion.

The L Series Fan is currently available for $450 (wall control sold separately) and the Designer Series Light is available for the pre-order price of $149. Both products move the needle a bit more toward the future, where convenience co-exists with efficiency, and good design makes for good living.

Haiku is offering Gear Patrol readers 15% off the purchase of an L Series fan. Use promo code GEAR16 at checkout.

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