Ionic Clean Washing System

Because Getting It Clean Shouldn't Take Hard Work

There’s nothing, and we mean nothing, quite like the feeling of a clean car. In fact, it’s been proven (through our highly-scientific testing process) that a spiffy ride really does drive better. Typically, that means adding a trip to the wash to your already packed routine. That’s why you might want to consider booting your detailer or car wash membership to the curb in favor of some DIY with the Ionic Clean Washing System. The system combines ease-of-use with a chemical-free answer to your washing worries. Hit the jump for more and a gallery of action shots.

Essentially, the primary component of this washing system is a de-ionizing chamber that converts water from your home’s spigot into a flow stripped of minerals and impurities. The clean, de-ionized nature of this water then attracts dirt and gunk from your car’s surface like a magnet, allowing it to be rinsed away for a spot-free shine. The kit includes a telescoping pole that makes its use on your home’s windows equally easy and effective. In our testing, the Ionic Clean produced a better result than simply sponging with soap, and was far easier than wrestling a ladder around the house. Skepticism is understandable, considering the system’s premium price, but one can’t argue with good results. Especially when a slick look is the last bit of tuning your whip needs to get weekend-ready.

Buy Now: $249

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